How Wells saved its school

How Wells-Barkerville Saved Its School

  While many rural communities in BC have fought for their schools over the years, it’s doubtful any community has fought more fiercely than the citizens of the tiny town of Wells (population around 220), located in the Cariboo Mountains, 80 kilometres east of Quesnel, 8 km from historical Barkerville. Wells, named after a hard Continue reading

Rural Schools Matter — a Brief Summary

Rural schools matter — a small town without a school is often a community without hope. This brief BC Rural Centre summary will be of interest to anyone who cares about the future of rural towns and villages whose schools are threatened with closure.     For a more in-depth look at the issue of Continue reading

Rural schools are vital, says Kaslo principal Dan Rude

Rural schools are vital, says Kaslo principal Dan Rude

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Rural schools are vital — it’s difficult to imagine a rural community prospering without offering its children access to an adequate school. This fact was hammered home at a open house on February 24th in Trail hosted by Linda Larson, Secretary of State responsible for rural education in BC and several Ministry of Education staff. Continue reading